Before the time of the colonies, and before the reign of Shaaux, all species lived together with no real government or rules. It was pure survival of the fittest. Everyone lived on a circular-like island made up of rings that surrounded giant snowy peaks in the center. Bordering the outer ring was a huge ocean that seems to never end. The outer ring was made up of the smaller, weaker species. The inner ring was made up of the bigger, more powerful beasts. And the central peaks, amongst the snow, are the best of the best. That’s how the ranking went for a long time, until the more intelligent species in the outer ring began to make a civilization. The eight species intelligent enough to take on a language and work together for more than just simple survival made up the eight colonies that are here today. Needing a government, but wanting each species to have an equal say in the political matters, the Council of Elders was founded. The Council of Elders is made up eight members, one of each species. Each elder has a royal guard, whose sole job is to protect their elder. Each colony was given a job, and each month they would hand over all of their work to the Elders for even distribution between the eight colonies. Before long, a strong system was created and life became much easier for the outer ring. Life in the inner rings, however, was getting difficult as the land became more barren. The creatures started straying closer and closer to the colonies and picking the wildlife off and even attacking the colonies. The colonies started making weapons to fight off the beasts and eventually pushed them back to the inner ring. Realizing that the creatures in the inner ring could be used to provide much better materials and nutrition, Hunters were assigned to go out and hunt the creatures. Things went smoothly for a while, until a small pup was found nearly drowned on the edge of the ocean ring near the Obla’s home town. He was brought before the Obla elder, Mr. Bartholomew, who named him Shaaux. He was then brought before the Council of Elders, who said he could stay as long as he abided by the rules. He moved freely among the colonies, but spent most of his time with Mr. Bartholomew and his wife, who he considered to be his parents. More years passed and Mr. Bartholomew’s wife was sent to the community jail after a freak accident the Council of Elders (excluding Bartholomew) believed was caused by her. Angered by their rash decision and for taking his mother away, Shaaux rebelled and fled to the Center Peak, where the Elders assumed he was killed by beasts. But years later, rumors were told that Shaaux had managed to tame one of the core beasts and was still living on the Center Peak, planning an attack. The rumors were confirmed when one of the hunters, Ghostshadow, barely made it back from a hunting trip after running into Shaaux. The Council of Elders were on high alert for an attack, yet nothing came…Until resources suddenly started disappearing, and the royal guard, Sir Lucifer, of the An’ukh elder, Mistress Morticia, went missing. Ghostshadow was called upon to investigate the case, a job that he readily accepted. He recruited the trouble owlie who had lost his sister to the Prison, Azor, the outgoing webrygh that Azor had a crush on, Quibbit, and (unintentionally) the wannabe Hunter and son of Lucifer, Nugget. After many days of searching and coming up with nothing, the Elders removed them from the case and gave up on trying to find Lucifer, presuming him dead. Nugget, refusing to accept his father was dead, ran away to the Central Peak to find him. Ghostshadow, followed by Azor and Quibbit, chase after Nugget and follow him to the Central Peak where they encounter Shaaux. Sir Lucifer had tried to stop Shaaux from stealing the resources and was captured by the scarred creature. After a long battle with Shaaux, they were able to free Lucifer. Just before Azor was going to execute him, Shaaux explained his story about the Council of Elders, revealing their sinister lies. Azor, relating Shaaux’s story about his mother to his own with his sister, spared him and the group was ambushed by the true mastermind behind the evil plot; the katling Elder, Ms. Ezra, who had Shaaux’s daughter as a hostage. Ghostshadow and Shaaux engaged in combat with the Elder, but lost the fight along with Ghostshadow’s one good eye. Before Ezra was able to kill the group, however, Azor’s sister assassinated the corrupt Elder and saved them from death. When they returned, the Elders loyal to Ezra were removed from power and replaced. Shaaux was appointed head of the Council of Elders, Ghostshadow retired from being a Hunter and became royal guard to his wife, Laine, who was the new katling Elder, Nugget is allowed to begin training to become a Hunter, with Ghostshadow being his mentor, and Azor finally asked Quibbit out on a date, which she said yes to, along with at long last being reunited with his little sister. All is peaceful in Faozzia…but will it last?


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